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Edisi 03/2018
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Actress and entrepreneur Shandy Aulia talks to Indonesia Tatler about life in the fast lane and her recent release, 'Eiffel I'm In Love 2".

Marching into March. Welcome to the march edition of Indonesia Tatler. It’s almost the end of the first quarter of 2018 and hasn’t time flown by? Well, you know what they say about time flying and having fun. This issue is no exception to that rule we kick things off with a chat with Shandy Aulia, who stars in the latest hit romcom Eiffel I’m in Love 2.

Shandy tells us all about her life’s work to date: a life that includes being an actress, an entrepreneur and even a muse for a local advertiser. It’s no wonder that we called the story “Balancing Act” because Shandy shows us how it’s possible to have it all, but still remain grounded in the here and now.

Elsewhere in our features section, we also take a look at a selection of newlyweds’ prewed photos, proof positive that the camera never lies: especially when capturing the magic of a young couple’s love for each other. We also talk to Hajj Anif, an extraordinary, self-made man who is charming, self-effacing and humble, all in one.

As well as starting from zero and crediting God with his success, Hajj firmly believes that giving back to society is the best way to achieve spiritual harmony. Read all about his sterling efforts to improve lives in Medan in “A Humble Man”. As regular readers will know, we are Indonesia Tatler take out art very seriously, so this issue we’ve rounded up a collection of the most important art ambassadors you need to know about.

From homegrown talents to regional heavyweights, these are the names you will come across if, like us, you immerse yourselves in the vibrant Asian art world. And, like Shandy Aulia, we are firm believers in balance, so we’ve also taken this opportunity to look back at what makes Melania Trump’s fashion sense tick. Never let it be said that we lack variety!

Chinese New Year may be over again, but we’ve taken this opportunity to round up some stunning canine-themed jewellery as well as other odds and ends to help you celebrate the Year of the Dog. Wrap that up with our usual selection of stunning fashion, practical beauty tips, and tons of other cool stuff and we’ve got March covered for you. Happy reading and see you in April!
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