Majalah Indonesia Tatler - Edisi 6/2018

Lifestyle management company Quintessentially makes its clients’ dreams come true.

Indonesia Tatler
No request is too tall for lifestyle management company Quintessentially, whose Indonesian branch was launched in April. From restaurant reservations to private meetings with illustrious personalities, Director of Quintessentially Indonesia Endy Suryokusumo tells us all about the company that transforms ethereal dreams into firm reality. Could you tell us about the origins of Quintessentially? Quintessentially Group was established in 2000 by Ben Elliot, Aaron Simpson, and Paul Drummond in London. It is a luxury membersonly 24-hour concierge service for any lifestyle and corporate requests.

How was it brought to Indonesia? We were actually inspired by our past highnet- worth clients who sought such services. Thus, we established the award-winning Quintessentially office here because of its vast international network. How do you ensure client satisfaction with such a wide array of requests? The key is committing to our clients and personally handling each with the utmost sensitivity, discretion, and confidentiality.

We don’t just offer experiences, but also convenience and time. With your global network, do you find yourself fulfilling the requests of members from abroad too? Indeed, we were surprised to receive inquiries from the Middle East and Europe even before our launch. I’m confident that we’ll also catch the attention of other Asian countries as we continue to flourish.

Where do you wish to see Quintessentially Indonesia in five years? Our only hope is for customer loyalty. If our current clients are still with us in five years, it’s a sure sign that Quintessentially can lead the industry.

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