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Majalah Indonesia Tatler - Edisi 02/2019
1 Februari 2019

Majalah Indonesia Tatler - Edisi 02/2019

With full services beyond five-star treatments, VIP International Plastic Surgery Center gives new meaning to a beautiful escape.

Indonesia Tatler
A beauty getaway usually brings to mind pictures of relaxing time spent at picturesque hot springs or spas. However, a new kind of getaway at one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in South Korea will leave travellers with the desire of wanting more thanks to its complete care and services. Located in the largest metropolis of South Korea, Seoul is home to the VIP International Plastic Surgery Center.

Here, after flying all the way to Seoul for a pampering session at VIP with experienced doctors, the clinic’s friendly staff will provide a customised and unforgettable private tour of Seoul in order to make sure that each trip is one for the books. VIP offers customers with a range of treatments that will be thoroughly discussed with patients, making sure there’s something for everyone. VIP’s non-surgical treatment programmes are the solutions to dirty and damaged skin from daily activities, such as skin lasers, lifting lasers, fillers, botox, skin boosters, and facials.

Each treatment is specially curated to repair and to give skin the glow it deserves. As for the smaller surgical treatments, there are stem cell treatments, eyelid surgery, fat grafting, and double chin removal, which are recommended for those looking for an effective procedures with minimal downtime and great results thanks to a team of certified professionals. Afterwards, the clinic provides premium post-op recovery benefits that include shampoo services, skincare treatments, and dressing treatments for each day spent with VIP. The beauty specials also extend to facial and haircare to round up the excellent care at the clinic.

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