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Majalah Indonesia Tatler - Edisi 9/2019
9 September 2019

Majalah Indonesia Tatler - Edisi 9/2019

I chose this theme because I want to encourage women to not be afraid of being themselves.

Indonesia Tatler
Earlier this year, Wanda Ponika asked her Instagram followers for a thousand pairs of shoes. Exceeding expectations, some five thousand pairs were collected all ready to be sent to Labuan Bajo for the kids there who had to walk five kilometres barefoot to school every day. Wanda and her friends, including Millie Stephanie Lukito, also rebuilt schools in the small town. “I hope this won’t be the only school there are other schools around the area that needs rebuilding,” the jeweller said.

Meanwhile, for children around Jakarta who suffered from cancer, Wanda loves to take them on outings to family entertainment centres like KidZania and Miniapolis. Wanda House of Jewels also supports other causes by working with the Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation (YKAI) and SAAB Shares to supply medicines for cancer patients. From 2016 to 2018, Wanda collaborated with Indonesia Tatler and the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) by organising an event to raise breast cancer awareness.

At the event, pink ribbon pendants made by Wanda House of Jewels were sold, with proceeds going to YKPI to give 2,000 mammograms to underprivileged women in Jakarta. Moreover, she runs a jewellery show every year to promote her many initiatives in empowering women and children. Held at La Moda in Plaza Indonesia, this year’s show takes the theme of “Wandaful Women”—a play on her name. For her, Wandaful Women are women that are not only beautiful and glamorous, but also charitable. “I chose this theme because I want to encourage women to not be afraid of being themselves. Many people nowadays just follow trends,” Wanda said.

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